Keepers of Time

Arrival at the Lumber Camp

13 Tarsakh, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm. The party arrives at the camp, but discover it abandoned.

13 Tarsakh, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm. The party arrives at the camp, but discover it abandoned.

When the party approaches the camp, the first thing they notice is the stench. A disturbing combination of the rot of death and burning flesh. A small plume of smoke rising out from one of the cabins before them shows a still smoldering pile of what could be bodies.


They approach from the road out of the camp and see that the barn is mostly destroyed. They see a small tower in the middle of camp, adjacent to a log stack. Against the barn they see a large wagon for hauling lumber. They see a small cabin directly in front of them. There are also two large buildings jutting up against each other. Finally they see the telltale smoke stack of a small smithy in the back of the camp.

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As they near the first cabin, they see the rotting corpses of horses strewn around the camp grounds. They draw weapons and start to fan out but it is too late. To their left from the wagon, a large log on a rope suspended from the trees above swings across their position knocking one of Tom’s men unconscious and nearly killing them all. Most of the party was hurt but they survived.


The traps and tricks got worse and worse as Kobold Zombies raised from the dead were hidden behind the dead horse corpses. There was also a Dread Myrmidon on top of the tower firing down arrows and orders to his undead minions. Just when they thought they had the worst over, Deepnakra; the swarm master, attacked with his insectoid minions and a small contingent of living breathing kobolds.

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The swarms were too much and many of the party fell unconscious. Fate however, had a different plan and so appeared Brother Pavu Novali, priest of Lathander. His appearance was no accident, as a very worried Rofet begged him to check in on the party. He healed and recovered many of the party and with their new found strength made one final battle.

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Finally after a lengthy fight moving from building to building, the party was victorious. They investigated and discovered a path leading out of the back of camp. They decided to rest up and recover before setting out.

Photo 4

Before they bedded down, another unexpected twist occured. A Giant by the name of Morgesa the Hill Giant, was scouring the area looking for her husband Kardoblag. The party tried to be helpful and did not fight her, but she will not forget their faces.

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