Keepers of Time

The Search for Survivors

13 Tarsakh, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm. The adventurers will have no rest as they set out again.

Upon learning of the plight of the logging camp east of town. The group has decided, with the financial motivation of Tom the logging camp’s owner, to set out and investigate the source of the disturbance.

They set out as three but run into three of Tom’s ‘employees’. They appear to be battle hardened mercenaries. They make a reluctant alliance just in time to realize they are being stalked by a group of worg. The group is led by a grey elder worg and they are soon encircled fighting for their lives. With some help from their new party members, they manage to dispatch the worg without losing any lives.

Beaten down, they rest for the night and decide to head out fresh in the morning. The night goes by smoothly and they set out refreshed and ready for adventure.



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