Common Deities Venerated in Daggerdale

Chauntea: The Earth Mother

Venerated by peasants and the indentured who work the land. She is believed to have given birth to the world by her followers.

Tymora: Our Smiling Lady

Venerated by those who choose to take risks rather than play it safe. She is often followed by Adventurer’s and can be known to push a hay cart under a falling adventurer when needed.

Mielikki: The Forest Queen

Venerated by druids, dryads and many rangers. She is thought to control the natural seasons.

Syvanus: The Forest Father

Venerated by Green Elves and by druids and other forest creatures. Believed to be the spirit of the trees and the forests.

Lathander: The Morning Lord

Venerated by many races and peoples; Lathander often indicates a new beginning, the sunrise on your life.

Tempus: The Battle Lord

The God of Wars and Battles, Tempus often rewards those who do battle with honor and without fear.

Common Deities Venerated in Daggerdale

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