Woodcutter and undertaker. Tells tall tales and is generous with healing remedies.


What others know about him:

Rofe, a Gold Elf, is often the teller of great tales. He has made a handful of outrageous claims over his five decades of years in Dunbarton. He has claimed to be a fabled knight of Myth Drannor, a master wizard who once beat Elminster the wizard in a friendly spell duel. He claims he slapped the bottom of the Adventurer King Randal Mornn at his birth in the Cormanthyr woods. He tells tale after tale, spins many that even an accomplished bard might blush at.

The only problem with believing Rofet is that he denies all of his own tales, because they are only told when he is drunk!

He is the patron of Tnault since the boy was orphaned more than 20 years prior. Since Rofet talks at such length, the boy seldom has reason to.

Rofet is an accomplished alchemist and makes healing salves and ointments from natural remedies. He is also an artisan furniture maker.

His age is unknown but he has been in the town since the Old Lord’s father was in power. It is estimated he could be between 300 and 700 years of age. Difficult to tell with elves though.



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