Hilna Stormbellows

Snori Stormbellow's adopted daughter.


Hilna Stormbellows


What friends know about her: Updated 11/20/2012

Inquisitive and outgoing, at age fourteen, Hilna is now, physically, an adult half-orc, which makes her friendships with townies her own age awkward, but she is making an effort to learn how to blend into the various groups around town.

From a very young age, Snori taught her to work as hard as he does, and this has helped to shape her into the thoughtful and measured person most perceive her to be, though a fiery temper and stubborn determination have been known to manifest on occasion.

Anyone who has lived in Dunbarton long enough, may remember the vagabond dwarf and his little green imp working the mines together, but most would be shocked to learn that, since that time she has become accomplished in a number of gainful trades, including hunter, herder, butcher and cheese maker. Most recently she has begun to experiment with brewing a kind of soap from goats milk. The initial results have been sufficient for removing the stench from Snori and his freshly cured hides, but the art of pouring marketable bars remains elusive.

Hilna Stormbellows

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