• Adhar Kran

    Adhar Kran

    An elven scribe who has taken up residence only recently.
  • Doughling


    A tinkerer the travelers met along the road.
  • Eladi


    Elvish trapper who enjoys the solitude of the town. Recently arrived.
  • Gwenda Tumbletook

    Gwenda Tumbletook

    Gwenda enchants trinkets and good luck charms. Nowadays she tends to the smelting house.
  • Hilna Stormbellows

    Hilna Stormbellows

    Snori Stormbellow's adopted daughter.
  • Janschi D'Rif Anaso

    Janschi D'Rif Anaso

    Elven maiden who works as the town's blacksmith
  • Jaronge


    Self proclaimed consulting blacksmith, Jaronge spends much of his time on the road.
  • Kardoblag the Hill Giant

    Kardoblag the Hill Giant

    Kardoblag seems to have no hatred for humanoid races.
  • Lizti Tumbletook

    Lizti Tumbletook

    Proprieter of Litzi's Magic Shop and Mineral Refinery.
  • Lord Bjorn U'vogt

    Lord Bjorn U'vogt

    Lord of the Castle Dunbarton, or what's left of it.
  • Lovi Bornadin

    Lovi Bornadin

    Lovi was the former blacksmith of the town until he was crippled during the fall of the mine.
  • Miln U'vogt

    Miln U'vogt

    Son of the town's Lord, helps run the Inn and Tavern. Acts as the town's sherrif when needed.
  • Mofi Bornadin

    Mofi Bornadin

    Mofi fills the role of Hearthguard after her husband died in a battle with the deurgar over a year ago.
  • Morgesa the Hill Giant

    Morgesa the Hill Giant

    Morgesa is a Hill Giant who seems to tolerate the other humanoid races
  • Pandu No'Hanno

    Pandu No'Hanno

    Woodcutter from the unapproachable east
  • Poura Bornadin

    Poura Bornadin

    Poura is too young to be Hearthguard but she is anxious for battle. Friendly with Hilna, often getting into trouble.
  • Randal Morn

    Randal Morn

    Adventurer and rightful heir of Daggerdale, currently living in exile.
  • Roe Viltronatovos

    Roe Viltronatovos

    Young son who fancies himself a hunter, assists mother at tavern
  • Rofet


    Woodcutter and undertaker. Tells tall tales and is generous with healing remedies.
  • Sarena Mettle

    Sarena Mettle

    Proprieter of the Silver Toungue Tavern
  • Talvas Viltronatovos

    Talvas Viltronatovos

    A Barmaid, Talvas has ways of parting men from their money.
  • Tom


    A tiefling who owns several lumber operations in the area.
  • Valtos


    Valtos is in the Lord's Employ. He ferries reports and messages as needed but is very lazy when not doing so. Not well liked around the town.
  • Veniri Bornadin

    Veniri Bornadin

    Proprieter of Bornadin Buchery
  • Victor Mettle

    Victor Mettle

    Proprieter of the Silver Toungue Tavern