Keepers of Time

The Arrival Home

12 Tarsakh, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm. The travellers arrive home safe and sound, but changed forever.

Our band of simple tradesmen arrived home today. They felt different, changed by their experiences. For some it awoke a silent companion, a power within them that was always there. For others it sparked a fading flame and threw fuel on its fire. Their homes waited them all with welcome arms.

Snori found his farm in good care and welcomed an enthusiastic embrace from his little Hilna. His farm was an inviting sight along the road and he parted ways with his companions with a smile and a knowing nod as Hilna pestered him for stories and chocolate from his trip.

As they neared Aeden’s brewery, he and Tnault stood and shared an ale, they drank silently and laughed a bit as they felt the relief of arriving home safely. Aeden tended to the horses and bid his friend goodbye.

Tnault waved as he walked down the path, bouncing his bulging coin purse on his hand with a smile. When he arrived at Rofet’s shop, he found it empty; the fires cold and unlit.

He shivered as the dusk air brushed past his face. As he worked to get a fire ablaze, he noticed something unusual. He saw a scuff mark on the floor by the edge of the fireplace. He leaned forward and tugged at the edge and it gave slightly. He pulled harder and it revealed a small staircase leading downwards. He quickly grabbed a lantern and took a deep breath and descended the stairs. He found a small workroom with desk and bookshelf. His mind raced as he read the titles of books he’d never dreamed existed: Daegun’s guide to Dragontaming, Mordenkeinen’s Book of Forces, Family History of the Prince of Shadows and Missives of Elminster the Wise.

Unsure why, he reached forward to grasp the tome about family history when a familiar voice hissed at him from behind. “Leave my things be boy!” shouted Rofet.

Tnault reeled around to see his guardian. They began to talk about the origins of the books when a commotion suddenly occurred in the town square. He rushed outside to find a bleeding body in Aeden’s arms.

They questioned the poor victim while he shrieked hysterically about monsters in the logging camp. Tom the lumberyard owner hired the group to seek out the cause of the disturbance.



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