Keepers of Time

The taste of travel

16 Ches, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm.

A good day for hard work.

It is a sunny day, the spring breeze is cool and wet. The town buzzes with excitement as they approach spring equinox in a few days time. For each of our adventurers. The days to come hold a bit of excitement.

Aedan Hrodgar works diligently in his brewery. The last few days are critical in timing and he has enlisted the assistance of Tnauhlt. He has developed a fondness for him over the last year and Tnauhlt for Aedan’s brews. In a weeks time the latest brew should be ready for shipment north to Dagger Springs. His pilsners always sell well there.

Meanwhile Snori Stormbellows also works extra hard. He has also created a ravenous market in Dagger Springs, not for brew, but for cheese. Goat’s cheese, to be exact. Snori took over many of the scattered flocks of the hardy hills goats to raise for wool and meat. This past season with the help of his adopted daughter Hilna Stormbellows, they have discovered a more lucrative market for the delicious cheese created from the goats milk.

In a weeks time, Snori and Aedan will take their twice annual trip to Dagger Springs, Aedan will always tell you how much he enjoys the trip. Snori seems reluctant but secretly loves the trip as well. It’s not proper for a dwarf to be excited about adventure.

The load will be twice as large this time, so Aedan may inquire with Rofet, Tnault’s patron, to see if Tnault can join them. It would be nice to have a strong pair of hands along for the trip.



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