Keepers of Time

The rain on the road

17 Ches, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm.

A long road ahead.

Randal Morn, the ousted and proper heir to the throne of Dagger Falls was in town again today. He came with a small band of knights and less honorable types to resupply. They had news of some strange activity on the road to Dagger Springs and recommended all townsfolk stay inside the walls of the city for weeks to come.

Despite the warnings, many of the towns merchants continue to journey outward. The very next morning in fact, Snori Stormbellows, Aedan Hrodgar and Tnauhlt head out to sell Snori and Aeden’s wares for a hopefully tidy profit. Tnauhlt came along as an extra hand and good company for the journey.

Along the way, they meet a tinkerer named Doughling and his lad. They were harassed by some brigands but managed to slip them. Unfortunately, our tradesman were not so lucky. Aeden paid the ‘toll’ and the group rode free a bit lighter in their purses. This was all trivial, as the tradesmen would find out.

As the bands wagons drew up past the rocky high pass, a storm of intense power quaked the land. The travelers knew of an abandoned tower, one of many that acted as sanctuary for travelers and wagons. Upon arriving our tradesmen were met with the greeting of storm-peace, a tradition that has developed in the notoriously stormy mountains. This tradition extends to all local humanoid creatures regardless of what their feelings towards each other may be. It implies a temporary truce whenever strangers meet in a neutral place to wait out a storm.

The storm-peace was asked for by a lone traveler. He was in ragged leathers but well armed. He was without supplies and the adventurers obliged to share some cheese and ale with him while they made fire. He introduced himself as Randal Morn. Their peace did not last long before they were faced with the temporary residents of the tower including; a Monstrous Spider, Hobgoblin, Varguoille, Rat Swarms and finally a Zombie Bugbear King.

These common tradesmen had to dig deep inside themselves and emerged not just with their lives; they had set an ember burning. An ember that sparked into fire. A fire that as the threat of their lives to lose hung in the air, became an inferno and they found power and fury and skills lain dormant. They became heroes that day, heroes that even Randal Morn saw great potential inside them. The rest of their journey seemed less threatening. They arrived changed forever, and the ember did not fade away.



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