Keepers of Time

Who Am I? The Visitors.
15 Tarsakh, 1356 DR: The Year of the Worm

Plot Outline:
Arrive home easily.

Tnault confronts Rofet and asks about his family. See Tnault
Reveals who his parents were. Mother is alive, father may be dead, twin brother may be dead.

Learned about the tattoos that they may be inherited or be caused by a magical artifact.

Aeden receives a letter from “an old friend” Content Not Found: h
Letter given, DUCK SOUP!

Newcomers must speak to the lord, he has word from their land.

At the end of the adventure, Vlad arrives and inquires about recent activity around. He has a companion, a Blue Imperial Dragon. He has an eyepatch over one eye.

Temple of Elements and Zombie Kobolds
14 Tarsakh, 1356 DR: The Year of the Worm

Quick Summary:
Found an ancient calendar outside.
Fought Wraiths at door
Fought Water Elementals in fountain room
Fought Zombies, found undead slaying sword for Zhulieka inside a guard.
Found Bride of the Elf Prince
Killed Zombie Kobold King and his remaining minions.
Found Elf Prince, had a shard of an unusual blade inside his ribcage. He was preserved until dagger shard removed.

Found a magical book that forced a change over Tnault.

Arrival at the Lumber Camp
13 Tarsakh, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm. The party arrives at the camp, but discover it abandoned.

13 Tarsakh, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm. The party arrives at the camp, but discover it abandoned.

When the party approaches the camp, the first thing they notice is the stench. A disturbing combination of the rot of death and burning flesh. A small plume of smoke rising out from one of the cabins before them shows a still smoldering pile of what could be bodies.


They approach from the road out of the camp and see that the barn is mostly destroyed. They see a small tower in the middle of camp, adjacent to a log stack. Against the barn they see a large wagon for hauling lumber. They see a small cabin directly in front of them. There are also two large buildings jutting up against each other. Finally they see the telltale smoke stack of a small smithy in the back of the camp.

Photo 2

As they near the first cabin, they see the rotting corpses of horses strewn around the camp grounds. They draw weapons and start to fan out but it is too late. To their left from the wagon, a large log on a rope suspended from the trees above swings across their position knocking one of Tom’s men unconscious and nearly killing them all. Most of the party was hurt but they survived.


The traps and tricks got worse and worse as Kobold Zombies raised from the dead were hidden behind the dead horse corpses. There was also a Dread Myrmidon on top of the tower firing down arrows and orders to his undead minions. Just when they thought they had the worst over, Deepnakra; the swarm master, attacked with his insectoid minions and a small contingent of living breathing kobolds.

Photo 1

The swarms were too much and many of the party fell unconscious. Fate however, had a different plan and so appeared Brother Pavu Novali, priest of Lathander. His appearance was no accident, as a very worried Rofet begged him to check in on the party. He healed and recovered many of the party and with their new found strength made one final battle.

Photo 3

Finally after a lengthy fight moving from building to building, the party was victorious. They investigated and discovered a path leading out of the back of camp. They decided to rest up and recover before setting out.

Photo 4

Before they bedded down, another unexpected twist occured. A Giant by the name of Morgesa the Hill Giant, was scouring the area looking for her husband Kardoblag. The party tried to be helpful and did not fight her, but she will not forget their faces.

Photo 5

The Search for Survivors
13 Tarsakh, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm. The adventurers will have no rest as they set out again.

Upon learning of the plight of the logging camp east of town. The group has decided, with the financial motivation of Tom the logging camp’s owner, to set out and investigate the source of the disturbance.

They set out as three but run into three of Tom’s ‘employees’. They appear to be battle hardened mercenaries. They make a reluctant alliance just in time to realize they are being stalked by a group of worg. The group is led by a grey elder worg and they are soon encircled fighting for their lives. With some help from their new party members, they manage to dispatch the worg without losing any lives.

Beaten down, they rest for the night and decide to head out fresh in the morning. The night goes by smoothly and they set out refreshed and ready for adventure.

The Arrival Home
12 Tarsakh, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm. The travellers arrive home safe and sound, but changed forever.

Our band of simple tradesmen arrived home today. They felt different, changed by their experiences. For some it awoke a silent companion, a power within them that was always there. For others it sparked a fading flame and threw fuel on its fire. Their homes waited them all with welcome arms.

Snori found his farm in good care and welcomed an enthusiastic embrace from his little Hilna. His farm was an inviting sight along the road and he parted ways with his companions with a smile and a knowing nod as Hilna pestered him for stories and chocolate from his trip.

As they neared Aeden’s brewery, he and Tnault stood and shared an ale, they drank silently and laughed a bit as they felt the relief of arriving home safely. Aeden tended to the horses and bid his friend goodbye.

Tnault waved as he walked down the path, bouncing his bulging coin purse on his hand with a smile. When he arrived at Rofet’s shop, he found it empty; the fires cold and unlit.

He shivered as the dusk air brushed past his face. As he worked to get a fire ablaze, he noticed something unusual. He saw a scuff mark on the floor by the edge of the fireplace. He leaned forward and tugged at the edge and it gave slightly. He pulled harder and it revealed a small staircase leading downwards. He quickly grabbed a lantern and took a deep breath and descended the stairs. He found a small workroom with desk and bookshelf. His mind raced as he read the titles of books he’d never dreamed existed: Daegun’s guide to Dragontaming, Mordenkeinen’s Book of Forces, Family History of the Prince of Shadows and Missives of Elminster the Wise.

Unsure why, he reached forward to grasp the tome about family history when a familiar voice hissed at him from behind. “Leave my things be boy!” shouted Rofet.

Tnault reeled around to see his guardian. They began to talk about the origins of the books when a commotion suddenly occurred in the town square. He rushed outside to find a bleeding body in Aeden’s arms.

They questioned the poor victim while he shrieked hysterically about monsters in the logging camp. Tom the lumberyard owner hired the group to seek out the cause of the disturbance.

The rain on the road
17 Ches, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm.

A long road ahead.

Randal Morn, the ousted and proper heir to the throne of Dagger Falls was in town again today. He came with a small band of knights and less honorable types to resupply. They had news of some strange activity on the road to Dagger Springs and recommended all townsfolk stay inside the walls of the city for weeks to come.

Despite the warnings, many of the towns merchants continue to journey outward. The very next morning in fact, Snori Stormbellows, Aedan Hrodgar and Tnauhlt head out to sell Snori and Aeden’s wares for a hopefully tidy profit. Tnauhlt came along as an extra hand and good company for the journey.

Along the way, they meet a tinkerer named Doughling and his lad. They were harassed by some brigands but managed to slip them. Unfortunately, our tradesman were not so lucky. Aeden paid the ‘toll’ and the group rode free a bit lighter in their purses. This was all trivial, as the tradesmen would find out.

As the bands wagons drew up past the rocky high pass, a storm of intense power quaked the land. The travelers knew of an abandoned tower, one of many that acted as sanctuary for travelers and wagons. Upon arriving our tradesmen were met with the greeting of storm-peace, a tradition that has developed in the notoriously stormy mountains. This tradition extends to all local humanoid creatures regardless of what their feelings towards each other may be. It implies a temporary truce whenever strangers meet in a neutral place to wait out a storm.

The storm-peace was asked for by a lone traveler. He was in ragged leathers but well armed. He was without supplies and the adventurers obliged to share some cheese and ale with him while they made fire. He introduced himself as Randal Morn. Their peace did not last long before they were faced with the temporary residents of the tower including; a Monstrous Spider, Hobgoblin, Varguoille, Rat Swarms and finally a Zombie Bugbear King.

These common tradesmen had to dig deep inside themselves and emerged not just with their lives; they had set an ember burning. An ember that sparked into fire. A fire that as the threat of their lives to lose hung in the air, became an inferno and they found power and fury and skills lain dormant. They became heroes that day, heroes that even Randal Morn saw great potential inside them. The rest of their journey seemed less threatening. They arrived changed forever, and the ember did not fade away.

The taste of travel
16 Ches, 1356 Dale Reckoning: The Year of the Worm.

A good day for hard work.

It is a sunny day, the spring breeze is cool and wet. The town buzzes with excitement as they approach spring equinox in a few days time. For each of our adventurers. The days to come hold a bit of excitement.

Aedan Hrodgar works diligently in his brewery. The last few days are critical in timing and he has enlisted the assistance of Tnauhlt. He has developed a fondness for him over the last year and Tnauhlt for Aedan’s brews. In a weeks time the latest brew should be ready for shipment north to Dagger Springs. His pilsners always sell well there.

Meanwhile Snori Stormbellows also works extra hard. He has also created a ravenous market in Dagger Springs, not for brew, but for cheese. Goat’s cheese, to be exact. Snori took over many of the scattered flocks of the hardy hills goats to raise for wool and meat. This past season with the help of his adopted daughter Hilna Stormbellows, they have discovered a more lucrative market for the delicious cheese created from the goats milk.

In a weeks time, Snori and Aedan will take their twice annual trip to Dagger Springs, Aedan will always tell you how much he enjoys the trip. Snori seems reluctant but secretly loves the trip as well. It’s not proper for a dwarf to be excited about adventure.

The load will be twice as large this time, so Aedan may inquire with Rofet, Tnault’s patron, to see if Tnault can join them. It would be nice to have a strong pair of hands along for the trip.


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